Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Moon calendar:25th Lunar day

Figures calculated on the World Time (UT),
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24 October 2008

25 lunar days.

Will begin at 00.16

Zodiak sign - Virgo

Symbol of this day - the Turtle

Day of passivity. After yesterday you need to have a rest . Do not begin anything in this lunar cycle. Better to spend your day listening to your intuition, to recollect the past, to consider, bring any results, to reconside your principles, maybe, some of them are unnessesary to you?
Good day for finishing your business. Do not hurry up anywhere, haste is harmful for you today. The symbol of today's day - a turtle – and is slowness and wisdom. Are not necessary to you today neither new contacts, nor new impressions, spend this day in silence. Meditation will help you.

Probably you want to begin or finish this day sacred ritual of ignition of a candle?

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